About Sébastien Larocque

Who am I?

I am an independent game developer, artist and web entrepreneur. I live in Quebec (East part of Canada). Creativity is the essence of my work and my life.

My work and achievements

Being an avid video gamer since my childhood, I decided to start Gaia Dream Creation Inc. to develop and publish cool games. From my passion for photography, I also created Gaia Wallpapers to publish my photographs.

Sébastien Larocque

My blog

Over the years, several events have led me to look at society differently. For example, environmental problems, injustices, government issues and other social issues. I have thought for a long time that things were going to get better with time. When hearing all the scientific discoveries and innovations, it seemed natural to think that the world of tomorrow would be better. As the years passed, I changed my mind. I always try to stay optimistic, but I feel that the world of tomorrow will be a world with challenges that we do not have the answers.

Like many people, I got ​​an opinion of the major debates that have heard on television or radio. I was constantly thinking about solutions saying to myself that one day I would see them. Time passes and things do not seem to improve. I finally decided to share my thoughts and create change according to my vision. After all, the world is the realization of each individual. All my thoughts led me to think about better society models to create social innovation.

Many will say that I'm hard in my remarks, but I think we should impose a certain tone when aiming precise results. Many of my comments might offend. Changing the world often involves getting people out of their comfort zone. Even the best destinations may involve a difficult road. Even if the road is not easy, I always undertake my social projects with the intention of creating a social justice and to make society a better place with development models that will last for generations.