End the enslavement of millions of Indian children

The most important changes often occur when people are mobilizing all at the same time. Slavery is a problem that is thousands of years old and today we have more power than ever to put an end to this.

It is easy to believe that the most advanced civilizations do not have slaves. Even within these civilizations, people are slaves even though this practice is prohibited. Slavery is often practiced in developing countries. People in these countries are slaves of businesses having their headquarters in modern countries where slavery is prohibited. I would describe this as an hypocrisy, because these companies show beautiful images to sell their products. It is likely that you have products in your environment that involved slavery in their manufacturing. These products can be the computer where you are reading this blog, the clothes you wear, etc.

With social media and means of communication of today, there is more hope than ever. Walk Free is a movement to end modern slavery. Walk Free circulates petitions in order to inform the public and take position on specific cases of slavery in different countries. These petitions are sent to governments to release all those people who have no other voice than us. Together we can make a major difference. I supported their petition to end child slavery in India. I invite you to join this petition at

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