How to find a balance between men and women in jobs?

Non-traditional job

Non-traditional job

Each sector of the labor market is composed of men and women in different proportions. In Quebec, certain measures and campaigns are designed to get women working in non-traditional occupations.

A problem for women to integrate non-traditional occupations

Some jobs are mainly composed of men. For example, the construction sector is mainly occupied by men. Women are mostly absent from this sector. The fact that very few women work in a sector may discourage other women from working in this sector. Several women were bullied by men. Having a better ratio between men and women can help everyone to choose better a job without fear of feeling an intruder.

The problem is two-way and not just for women

The government tries to encourage more women to work in non-traditional occupations to create a better balance between men and women in each sector. For example, the sector of dental hygienists is often occupied by women. According to the government, many of these women, who work as a dental hygienist could work in a non-traditional sector such as the construction. This situation creates an imbalance that makes it hard to balance the labor market. Here is why.

1. If women quit their jobs from traditional occupations for women, these positions will become vacant. Who will replace them? Certainly not women. So it must be men.

2. If men are still working in their traditional occupations, the places available for women may be more rare.


I feel that the government is trying too much bringing women into non-traditional occupations without thinking to bring men in equal proportion into non-traditional occupations for men. In a very graphic and simplistic way, if a woman leaves a secretary job to drive trucks, a truck driver man should get a secretary job. It is therefore necessary to bring also men to non-traditional occupations proportionately.

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