The end of the world might not be the one you expected

End of the world

End of the world

It seems that the end of the world would be on December 21, 2012. This is certainly not the first end of the world planned and certainly not the last. Other predictions are already passed and guess what? We are still alive. This is not the catastrophe of December 21 that I want to talk here, but a more down to earth reality that has already terminated the world of millions of people around the world: war and weapons of mass destruction.

A phenomenon that worries many nations around the world is the creation of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons. Some countries are gathering the material required to make nuclear weapons. We can presume that these weapons will be used in the relatively near future. Who will be the target? Several countries are at war in the Middle East and I suppose it will be one of these countries. However, political tensions exist around the world.

Weapons of mass destruction have already been used. In 1945, Hiroshima was destroyed by an atomic bomb. The technologies are progressing rapidly and we are able to make weapons more powerful. Can you imagine the day when a nation will be able to create a weapon capable of destroying a whole country? It will probably not be a bomb, but bacteriological weapons or being able to spread viruses.

With weapons more powerful, that day will probably come and it will be the end of the world. I do not believe that the entire planet will be destroyed, but the world could face an extreme pandemic. There have been pandemics that were fatal to nations. The influenza viruses, for example. The world could relive this on a larger scale. This kind of event would shake the economy, already fragile for many countries. Once the economy damaged, this could cause more poverty and social chaos. Civil wars could be generated.

It is probably not a gigantic bomb that would create the end the world, but a series of chaotic events that would eventually kill many people. We can presume that many people would survive all these events. There have been several major cataclysms that ended the reign of several prehistoric animals, including the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. Life survived anyway.

If you look in the past, there have been civilizations such as the Mayans and Egyptians who have disappeared. However, there are people in those civilizations who have survived, but there seems to be a huge bridge between these modern civilizations and ancient ones. It is more likely that the end of the world would be the end of the world as we know it. We notice that the world is changing, but sometimes there are abrupt changes, but without being a complete end.

Unfortunately, as long as we are not going to invest more in the social aspect of our societies, this is the kind of scenario that may occur. I feel that we cannot stop change and that kind of scenario is inevitable to different degrees. I got hope that nations can be better controlled by world organisms and prevent a major attack. Because we cannot control completely the world, despite the best intentions, my best advice is: “Enjoy life!

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